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UPCOMING PROJECT : Radheyshyam Sharma Studies & Research University


Name of the Project


Radheyshyam Sharma Studies & Research University




Jofari, Aligarh, U. P.




9 km west from Aligarh on Aligarh-Palwal-Delhi Road




(i)  B.A.-LLB, B.COM-LLB, B.B.A.-LLB integrated five year courses, B.Tech-LLB integrated six year course and LLB three year course, LLM and Research (Ph.D)




(ii) Post Graduate Diploma Courses ( one academic Year)




a)      Corporate Law and Management




b)      Alternative dispute Resolution




c)      Cyber Law




d)     Human Rights Law




e)      Intellectual Property Rights Law




f)       International Trade Law




g)      Securities and Banking Law




h)      Environmental Law




i)        International Law






Universities Grant Commission of India/ Bar Council of India








In order to provide high class education Law field to the talented students belonging to urban/rural areas. The main objective of the society is to develop high class talent in legal field so as to produce high quality products in academic, research, legal profession and corporate world to serve the Nation. The institute will be able to uplift the quality in legal field.






Reason for selecting Aligarh Area


In the area under reference, there is no high quality Institute except Aligarh Muslim University for providing high level education in the field of law, particularly for the talented students belonging to rural areas. Beneficiaries will be from adjoining districts/ areas and states. In the proposed area, for project, there is very high requirement for high class legal institute and the local public bodies are very keen to provide help in various way to the society because of the fact that there is no high class legal institute in rural area of Aligarh district and adjoining districts. A large number of students will get benefit from this Institute and they may serve Nation in better and effective manner.