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The Society has been engaged in various social activities since 2003 to help the children’s of poor segment who are studied in MCD schools and Jhopar Patty to encourage them for study by way of providing School Books & Note Books, School Bags, Dresses, Sports Material and other accessories and lunch for them. Also they provide seminar on Moral Ethics and Social Justice for the bad elements of society in hope that they will become responsible persons. Manav Sankalp Welfare Society has doing many more activities from time to time as required.

Society organize from time to time seminars and camp in regard of Social Justice, Counseling for peoples, awareness programs in regard of protection of environment and safety drills in case of natural calamities counseling and help people to understand their elders (Old aged) family member, providing counseling, care, aid also providing same for handicapped illiterate people.

Society organizes camp and seminars every year at schools, jhopar patti, central jail and other places. Where counseling for children’s and people to be provided in regard of education, Social Justice. Also some activity programs has been organized for encouragement of children’s and people, by way of providing them uniform, dresses, stationary, school books, food and cash prices to the winners of the activities for encouraging them for study and work.